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Injection Molding Ferrite

Injection molding ferrite is a magnet formed through injection molding process after mixing ferrite magnetic powder and resin (PA6/PA12/PPS). It is mainly used in automation equipment, permanent magnet DC motors, variable frequency air conditioning motors, instrument motors, etc. It is an indispensable signal source and constant magnet source in the precision micro motor and automation industry. It has the advantages that other magnets cannot replace.

Good dimensional stability

It can achieve integrated injection molding of products and inserts with high degree of shape freedom and good dimensional stability. The conventional dimensional accuracy tolerance can be controlled within 0.02mm.

Widely used in various fields

The product is mainly used as motor stator and rotor magnets, sensors, and encoders, and is widely used in fields such as household appliances, automobiles, industrial motors and other fields.

Injection Molding Ferrite
Datasheet of Injection Molding Ferrite
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