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The soft magnetic inductor assembly is composed of several different soft magnetic materials(amorphous nanocrystals, nanocrystals Iron silicon aluminum/iron silicon, cobalt based amorphous etc.) and coil windings are assembled in a certain manner sensing components. This type of product is mainly used for common mode inductors, filter inductors, PFC inductors, and current transformers in various electronic components such as sensors. Widely used in high-frequency switching power supplies, household appliances, industry electrical equipment, communication power supply, photovoltaic energy system, wind power generation and other products.

Product introduction

Soft magnetic inductance component composed of iron silicon aluminum/iron silicon magnetic powder core and 8-shaped circular flat copper coil assembly

Product technical indicators: Under the test conditions of 1KHz, 1V, and 25 , the product inductance L=810~990μH

A common mode inductor formed by winding a 0.2 diameter enameled wire around an iron based nanocrystalline magnetic core

Product technical indicators: Under 1KHz and 1V testing conditions, the product inductance L (1-3/2-4) ≥ 3.2mH

Cobalt based amorphous magnetic core/0.5 wire diameter three-layer insulated wire/1.6 wire diameter enameled wire assembled soft magnetic inductance component

Product technical indicators: 20KHz, 1V; Under test conditions, the voltage ratios between product pins are: V (1-8)=13.3mV~14.7mV, V (2-7)=13.3mV~14.7mV, V (5-6)=134.26mV~139.74mV

High frequency NPH157060 iron silicon magnetic core and high frequency ultra-low loss iron silicon NPA131019 magnetic core, respectively, and square flat copper coil Φ Soft magnetic inductance component assembled with 0.1 * 300P polyurethane film wrapped wire

Under the testing conditions of 100KHz and 1V, the inductance values of the high-frequency NPH157060 and high-frequency ultra-low loss iron silicon NPA131019 iron silicon magnetic core inductance components are L (1-2)=280.5μH~379.5μH/L (1-2)=15.3μH~18.7μH


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