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Iron chromium cobalt permanent magnet is a new type of permanent magnet material that emerged in the early 1970s. Its magnetic property is equivalent to that of aluminum nickel cobalt, which can be magnetized with planar octapole , and has the advantage of easily machining. It is particularly suitable for making small and thin components with complex size and shape requirements.
Our company's magnetic properties of iron chromium cobalt not only meet and  exceed national standards, but also can provide semi permanent magnetic alloys according to user requirements, achieving user satisfaction in matching magnetic properties parameters, so that FeCrCo can meet the needs of different fields.

High Curie temperature

The Curie temperature of FeCrCo alloy is relatively high, at around Tc=680 (with slight differences in Tc among different alloy grades), so its usage temperature can reach 400 , and the reversible temperature coefficient is very small, at -0.0128%/, indicating good magnetic stability and suitable for high-precision components.

Easily machining

FeCrCo, known as the "Transformers" in permanent magnets, meaning it is easy to machining like turn-milling, stamping, and stretching. In particular, wire drawing and tube drawing are advantages that other permanent magnetic materials cannot compare with.

Datasheet of FeCrCo
Demagnetization Curves

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