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Casted AlNiCo

Aluminum nickel cobalt is the oldest permanent magnet series, produced and applicated since the 1930s. It is produced in two processes: casting and sintering. Grades range from 2.0MGOe to 9.0 MGOe. Cast aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnets have the lowest reversible temperature coefficient which can work at temperatures over 550. The product is widely used in various instruments and other application fields.Our directional cast AlNiCo8 have a (BH)max with 13MGOe. We are capable of machining with complex shape and high dimension precision requirements such as heat treatment of multipolar and radial magnetizing through plane,inner circle and outer circle.

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Minimum reversible temperature coefficient

In permanent magnet materials, cast aluminum nickel cobalt has the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, and the working temperature can reach over 550.

Casted AlNiCo
Datasheet of Casted AlNiCo
Demagnetization Curves

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