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Other Special Permanent Magnet

In addition to conventional magnets, there are also magnets of special composition used in some special occasions and equipment, such as FeCoW alloy, CoFeNi alloy and so on.

CoFeNi alloy is an anisotropic semi-hard magnetic material with very high residual magnetic induction and stable coercivity. The machining performance is good, and it can be drawn into various specifications of wire, and good organization anisotropy is obtained during the drawing process. Products are mainly used in iron reed relays, magnetic valves, hysteresis motors and other fields.

FeCoW alloy is an isotropic permanent magnet material with special magnetic properties and good machining performance. The hardness of the material is very high. The products are mainly used in the field of hysteresis series products.

Datasheet of Other Special Permanent Magnet
Demagnetization Curves

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