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Sintered NdFeB

Sintered NdFeB has outstanding magnetic properties compared with other magnetic materials, and has the characteristics of high remanence (Br), high coercivity (Hcj) and high magnetic energy product (BHmax). The products are widely used in automotive parts, inverter energy-saving air conditioning, wind power, consumer electronics, industrial energy-saving motors, energy-saving elevators and other fields. Since 2013, Kede has carried out R&D of grain boundary diffusion process which has lasted 10 years of development, and now we have the production capacity of N54SH, N52UH and N50EH.

Perfect machining system

We have a perfect machining system including multi-wire cutting, slicing, grinding and surface treatment like NiCuNi and epoxy. Our minimum size can reach 0.2mm.

Variety of surface treatments

We have own surface treatment production lines including electroplating, chemical plating, electrophoresis spraying painting and other surface treatment services. Our coatings include nickel, zinc, copper, tin, precious metal coating and epoxy etc.

Sintered NdFeB
Datasheet of Sintered NdFeB

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